REVIVE Insurance

Whether it is hail, high winds, storms or even tornadoes, we know that in the Midwest as a homeowner the risk of exterior weather related damage to your home is always there. It is responsible and recommended to have your roof and exterior inspected after these weather events to determine if you sustained any damages. We offer you that service and peace of mind. 

At Revive Restoration we are experts is assisting our customers through the entire insurance claim process. Few companies are armed with the knowledge and experience to work directly with the homeowner and the insurance company to ensure that your claim is in line with code and warranty.

Our methodical system for handling weather related insurance claims provides a win/win solution for all of our customers as well as the insurance company representative. You get what you are entitled to and they can rest knowing that the work was done thoroughly and that you are happy with the results!

  Insurance Claim Process Steps:

  1. Call Revive Restoration for an official damage report and full exterior home inspection

  2. We will examine the entire home and document all damage, dates and relevant details pertaining to your loss. 

  3. If we find supporting evidence we will recommend that the claim will be filed with the insurance company.

  4. An adjuster meeting will take place where we will be present representing you as the home owner and showing them all of our documentation and the damages in question.

  5. An insurance scope of loss will be generated by your insurance company detailing the details and figures of the loss and coverage for the replacement.

  6. We will submit our estimate to ensure that you are in code and under all manufacturer warranties. If needed we will resubmit our estimate and work with the adjuster to land on the proper settlement to fully replace and repair all damages.

  7. We will work with our homeowners through the process of collecting the insurance payments , keeping your adjuster's team updated with progress and any unforeseen costs.

Reach out to us anytime to have your roof and exterior inspected if you suspect that you may have damage to the property as a result of storm activity.