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Professionalism, attention to detail & the desire to produce beautiful work no matter what the cost are the pillars that define Revive Restoration. From the salesmen and crew leaders, to project managers and clean up crews, we are all instilled with a hunger to over deliver and ensure that we are working with our clients. Construction and renovation can be a harrowing industry to deal in, please choose a company with a compass that will push to the finish line and produce the results that you deserve.

I am a proud Hoosier Alumnus and Kelley School Graduate. My expertise is derived from a combination of logistics, construction and sales experience. From property management to restoration projects over the last decade I have accumulated the knowledge to get your home project completed the right way. As a licensed and bonded contractor I focus on making homes beautiful. Regardless of the scope of the project at hand, I will ensure the highest level of professionalism and the most streamlined process to meet and exceed your home restoration expectations. I am onsite on every project and we are proactive so you do not have to deal with the typical headaches associated with complex contracting projects. 

We would love the opportunity to provide a free estimate and inspection for any exterior home projects you have on the horizon. We will explore every avenue to ensure you are getting the best deal and the highest quality workmanship in the city. 

-Samuel George

Samuel George